happy PARYUSHAN with Sound Healing

“The universe doesn’t speak English, It speaks Frequency”

What do you need to do during the session? 


Simply Be in Receiving of NAAD Energy

Happy Paryushan ~ coming together! 🙏🏻✨

We all love to grow inwards and be in alignment. 🪄

Now with the onset of PARYUSHAN we can do a unique sadhana of receiting Jain mantras and being in the state of bliss with Naad Energy through various Divine sounds created by using ancient Himalayan bowls, gongs, chimes, tunned pipes, bells and more. 🎼

Sacred universal Healing Frequencies from scientifically tuned instruments specially crafted for healing & energising mind, body and soul. ✨

A divine combination of Jain Mantras with Sound.
Helps one to be free of energy blocks & rise in one’s own vibrational frequency. ✨

Experience the Bliss! 🕉

Navkar Mantra & Manglik ~ Nikhilji
Sound Healing ~ Dr. Bindu
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On Zoom 3:30 to 4:18 PM IST

We welcome you

HAPPY PARYUSHAN with Sound Healing

  • Togetherness
  • Raise your Energy ( frequency)
  • Experience the Bliss
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